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Feet lover day -- 4tk Spread Toes -- Patterns 333 111 55 11 - Just recorded New Videos @ share -Tip Menu @ WhiteBoard -- #milf #hairy #footjob #feet #ass
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AvatarIm so excited.... Im going to turn 39 soon...

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English, Spanish, Japanese
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Sexy Milf bombshell
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Medium 34B
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Smoke only at 4:20, sometimes I drink some red wine

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TWITTER: eva_webcam... Im a licenced colombian nurse graduated, then I work on a factory for more than 11 years, after that I become telemarketer and I start to make good money (good money for me in colombia) then I divorced and get my own sales bussines. I become to try new things, naughty things , One day after going out to party a friends ask me why I didnt try as webcam model, I replied because I dont have huge boobies and I have a birth mark in my belly from my daugther born day. I become so bluch!!! and I confesed her, I dont shave my kitty and men only like shaven girls, my friend tell me webcam is about to make friends and be have fun only doing myself. My english is horrible, but one day I tried, with no money expectatives. And when I saw a lot of men having erections because of me... I though... WTFFFFFFFFF! I felt prety dirty, but is great to feel horny too. It spents 2 years from that. I really love what Im doing here, is awesome how fun it is. I have the support of my mother and daugther to camming. Actually I just move to a beautiful lake town in my country where I could stream so freely !!! :) ------------------- I love music so much. My passions are Salsa and Rock From Salsa I love Grupo Niche, Hermanos Lebron, Guayacan, Gran Combo, Marc Anthony, Eddie Santiago, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and a lot more. From Rock I love Pink Floyd from the Syd Barret era until the last ones. metallica make s me felt in love for rock by Nothing else matter. s n Roses with paradise city make me feel like teenager. Black Sabbath from the Ozzy era its awesome, AC/DC are one of the soundtrack of my life. Iron Maiden is a classic I listen in my sunday morning s. Nirvana electrify me, they make me slam so much. Marilyn Manson turn me horny, his music make me feel like a stripper. Jimmi Hendrix is for me the best perfomer and guitarist, until I was introduced to Buckethead, nobody is like him, the best guitarist and the most weird too. To feel romantic I love Aerosmith and Bryan Adams. Janis Joplin is my idol, She is the encarnation of the blues in a woman, She is my favorite girl on stage. The doors are one of my perfomance soundtrack as Led zeppelin too. I love to hear Robert Plant and Jim Morrison at the same hour... lol ---- The nobel Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Lou Reed, Jhonny Cash, Mad Season, Deep Purple, Stone Temple Pilot, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Off Springs all of them use to play in my playlist ------------ In my shows I like to have interaction. Is great how you could send vibration directly to my sensitive spots. Is great how we can feel connection instead the distance. I like to have a great time, same you want... mmmmmmhhh thanks for read until here.

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